Qualitative Core

Qualitative research helps to understand the patterns of health behaviors, describe illness experiences, design health interventions, and develop healthcare theories. Implementing these approaches in surgical health services research can facilitate collection of rich data and in-depth exploration of clinician, caregiver, and patient experiences and perceptions. The Qualitative Core provides methodological consultations, workshops, and journal clubs to support qualitative research at CSPH. 

Monthly workshops and journal clubs provide discussion, guidance and feedback on elements of all aspects of qualitative research including:

  • Writing Qualitative Research Aims
  • Study Design
  • Sampling, Recruitment, and Protection of Research Participants
  • Data Collection (Interviews and Focus Groups)
  • Data Management, Coding, and Analysis
  • Presentation of Qualitative Data

Qualitative Lead

Amanda J. Reich, PhD, MPH

Qualitative Consultant

Dan Dohan, PhD