Melissa Poleo, MS  •  CSPH Administrative Director

Rachel Murphy, MPH  •  Administrative Coordinator

Emily Stephens  •  Sr. Administrative Assistant

Wendy Williams, JD  •  Communications Specialist

Biostatistics and Data Management

Annie Chen, MPH •  Biostatistician

Kevin Chen • Database Manager

Alyssa Jones, MPH •  Biostatistician

Mengyuan Ruan, MS •  Biostatistician

Lingwei Xiang, MPH •  Biostatistician

Research and Project Management

Rachel Adler, ScD, RD • Research Scientist, DeCades

Manuel Castillo Angeles, MD, MPH • Research Scientist

Richard Evan Chunga • Research Assistant, Advance Care Planning 

Juan Hererra-Escobar, MD, MPH • Investigator, FORTE

Masami Kelly, MA •  Senior Project Manager, Geriatrics and Serious Illness in Surgery

Rachel Murphy, MPH  • Project Manager, Geriatrics and Serious Illness in Surgery

Nathaniel Pinkes, MPH  • Research Assistant, FORTE, RESTORE, and NESTS Pathway

Alysa Pomer, PhD • Research Scientist, Military Health System Response to COVID-19 

Amanda Reich, PhD, MPH • Investigator, Qualitative Lead

Emma Reidy, MPH • Senior Project Manager, PACTS, FORTE, and EPIC

Vanessa Roxo • Project Manager, Trauma

Christina Sheu • Research Assistant II, Geriatrics and Serious Illness in Surgery

Wendy Williams, JD • Senior Project Manager, Global Surgery