Center for Surgery and Public Health

CSPH Data Support Services Core

The mission of the CSPH Data Support Services Core is to promote and advance health services research by providing data infrastructure support to CSPH researchers and surgeon scientists.

The Core includes biostatisticians and researchers who are experts utilizing large national and state-level datasets to conduct surgical health services research. This team of experts provides learning opportunities via monthly workshops on topics related to quantitative methods and biostatistics and advice on projects via the Data and Data Management Teams Channel.

CSPH has a range of available health services research data, including HCUP, AHA, NSQIP, and Medicare data.* The CSPH server is a secure, HIPPA compliant computing environment, and the CSPH Data Core is available for different levels of support for affiliated researchers.  The Data Core provides server access and Q&A for all levels of support. The different levels include the following options:

Minimal Support

The researcher is responsible for creating and analyzing the data cut, and the Data Core providers server access and is available for questions.

Moderate Support

A Data Core biostatistician will create the data cut for the researcher, and the researcher performs the analysis.

Full Support

A Data Core biostatistician creates the data cut and performs the analysis. This service will require % analyst FTE costs.

*Reviewing and analyzing Medicare data files might be associated with additional costs. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Surgery faculty should refer to this document and contact the data core for further information. 

Director of Biostatistics

Stuart Lipsitz, ScD

Associate Director of Biostatistics

Tanujit Dey, PhD

Research Faculty Lead for Health Informatics and Data Infrastructure

Molly Jarman, PhD, MPH

Database Manager

Kevin Chen


Annie Chen, MPH

Alyssa Jones, MPH

Mengyuan Ruan, MS

Lingwei Xiang, MPH

If you are starting a new project and will need assistance of any kind from the Data Core Team, please fill out a Project Intake Form. Researchers not affiliated with CSPH will need a sponsor in order to access our data services. General questions but don’t know who to contact? Email