Harvard Surgical HSR Speaker Series Archive


Tsuyoshi Kaneko, MD – “TAVR: New Technology and New Frontiers for Old Tricks” Recording Available

Gabriel Brat, MD – “The Surgeon-AI Partnership: Leveraging Clinician Intuition to Improve Algorithms” Recording Available

Anaeze Offodile, MD, MPH – “The Organization and Financing of Surgical Care under Population-based Alternative Payment Models: Insights from the Maryland Natural Experiment” Recording Available

Nneka Ufere, MD, MSCE – “A Research Agenda to Meet the Palliative Care Needs of Patients with Advanced Liver Disease” Recording Available

Antoine Duclos, MD, PhD – “Performance Monitoring and Surgeon Coaching to Enhance Patient Outcomes: The TopSurgeons Project” Recording Available

Nelya Melnitchouk, MD, MSc – “Improving Cancer and Trauma Care in Ukraine at the Time of WarRecording Available

Lisa Knowlton, MD, MSc – “Improving Access to Care: Understanding the Role of Emergency Medicaid ProgramsRecording Available



Thomas C. Tsai, MD, MPH – “Public Health Policy and Communication during COVID-19” Recording Available

Mary Brindle, MD, MPH – “Engineering the Future of the Surgical Safety Checklist” Recording Available

Tasha Michelle Hughes, MD, MPH – “Blending Methodologic Approaches to Understand Surgical Variation” Recording Available

Nader N. Massarweh, MD, MPH – “Surgical Quality Improvement: Still Putting the Cart Before the Horse” Recording Available

Barbara Haas, MD – “Surviving or Thriving: Long-term Outcomes in Older Adults after Trauma and Emergency General Surgery” Recording Available

Cheryl Clark, MD – “Achieving TechQuity” 

Peter C. Jenkins, MD, MSc” – Extending Trauma Quality Improvement Beyond Trauma Centers in Indiana: Opportunities and Challenges” Recording Available

Arin Madenci, MD – “Introduction to Causal Graphs” Recording Available



Kerin Ladin, PhD, MS – “Using Subjective Criteria to Assess Transplant Candidacy: Implicit Bias and Opportunities for Improvement” Recording Available

Rachel Patzer, PhD, MPH – “Quality Metrics in Kidney Transplantation: A Path Forward” Recording Available

Dana Telem, MD, MPH – “Bring Law and Order to the Wild West” Recording Available

Lesly Dossett, MD, MPH – “De-Implementation of Low-Value Surgical Procedures” Recording Available

Aaron Bernstein, MD, MPH – “A Surgeon’s Guide to Climate Change” Recording Available

Fabian Johnston, MD, MHS – “Dissemination and Implementation Research in Palliative Care: How do we get Back to the Future?” Recording Available

Hari Nathan, MD, PhD – “Optimizing Hospital Systems to Improve Surgical Quality and Costs” Recording Available



Thomas Varghese, MD, MS, FACS – “The academic surgeon nomad: Lessons learned from early career setbacks”

Cassandra Kelleher, MD – “Practice patterns that influence gender inequity in academic surgery”

Randi Smith, MD, MPH – “Firearms, Finance and Food: Using health services research to tackle violence as a public health problem”

Tracey Perez Koehlmoos, PhD, MHA – “Building Health Services Research for the Military Health System”



Barbara Trautner, MD, PhD – “From fish to Department of Surgery: Building a career in collaborative research”

Dae Kim, MD, MPH – “Measurement of frailty and its applications to evaluate outcomes of medical treatments in medicare data”

Angela Ingraham, MD, MS, FACS – “Emergency general surgery: Delivery of care and interhospital transfers”

Daniel Chu, MD – “Beyond the knife: Health literacy and why it matters”

Andrea Pusic, MD, MHS, FACS, FRCSC – “Building a career in academic research”

Rachel Kelz, MD, MSCE, MBA – “Using data to inform surgical education”



David Chang, PhD, MPH, MBA – ” Culturally Sensitive Care Begins with Culturally Sensitive Science”

Pasithorn Amy Suwanabol, MD, MSc – “Understanding and Addressing the Role of Surgeons in the Provision of Palliative Care”

Michael McWilliams, MD, PhD – “Accountable Care Organizations: Happy Talk, Evidence, and Challenges Ahead”

Joaquim Havens, MD – “Learning How to Change Surgical Practice: How a Surgeon Looks at Emergency General Surgery from Definition to Outcomes”

Rodrigo Guerrero, MD, MSc, PhD – “An Epidemiological Approach for the Prevention of Urban Violence: the Case of Cali, Colombia”

Benjamin Brooke, MD, PhD, FACS – “Interviews, Informatics, and Implementation: the Quest to Round Out a Surgical Health Services Research Career”

Mark Shrime, MD, PhD, MPH – “Solving for Why: a Life in Global Surgery”