CSPH Research Fellow Alumni

Since 2005, the Center for Surgery and Public Health has served as a critical waypoint in the development of the most brilliants minds in surgical services research, who have gone on to transform the field. We are immensely proud of our research fellow alumni and look forward to adding to their number. As one of the premiere programs in the country dedicated to surgical services research, our Research Fellowship program is at the heart of our mission, and central to our goal of educating the next generation of leaders in the field. We provide surgical residents and post-doctoral fellows with the educational opportunities, mentoring support, and resources necessary to take on the biggest challenges in healthcare. CSPH offers an interdisciplinary research experience, enhancing examinations of health services and policy questions. With support in the areas of research study design, project management, biostatistics, and data science, CSPH advances research agendas of our faculty and research trainees. A central space brings fellows together with faculty, biostatisticians, research, and project management staff, to create a “think tank” environment that facilitates the access to data, tools, and CSPH’s collective expertise.

Since the program’s inception, CSPH fellows have been consistently recognized regionally and nationally for their excellence in research, resulting in numerous awards, presentations, and publications. To date, CSPH has trained over 100fellows, who have gone on to become leaders in academic surgery and surgical health services research, contributing to the growth and improved understanding of the science of surgical care delivery.

2003-2006Mary Kwaan, MD
2006-2009Alex Haynes, MD
2007-2009Tom Weiser, MD,  MPH
2008-2009Philip Okafor, MD
2005-2008Scott Regenbogen, MD, MPH
2008-2010Sarah Abbett, MD
2008-2010Luke Funk, MD
2008-2010Marcus Semel, MD, MPH
2008-2012Alexander Arriaga, MD, MPH, ScD
2009-2010John Ziewacz, MD
2009-2011Dante Foster Conley, MD
2009-2011Alvin Kwok, MD, MPH
2009-2011Chris Dodgion, MD, MBA, MSPH
2009-2011Haejin In, MD
2009-2011Dinee Simpson, MD
2009-2011Antonia Henry, MD, MPH
2009-2012Yue-Yung Hu, MD
2009-2012Sarah Billmeier, MD, MPH
2010-2012Kendra Bowman, MD, PhD
2010-2012Gita Mody, MD, MPH
2011-2012Luise Pernar, MD
2011-2013Marta McCrum, MD, MPH
2011-2013Lyen Huang, MD, MPH
2011-2013Rebecca Kim, MD, MPH
2011-2013Alexander Hawkins, MD, MPH
2012-2014Gifty Kwakye, MD, MPH
2012-2014Margarita Ramos, MD, MPH
2012-2014Maria Schaumeier, MD
2012-2015Ann DeBord Smith, MD, MPH
2012-2015Alexi Matousek, MD, MPh
2012-2014Carolina Solis, MD, MPH
2012-2014Elliot Wakeam, MD, MPH
2012-2014Roland Hernandez, MD, JD
2012-2014JaBaris Swain, MD, MPH
2013-2014Thomas Tsai, MD, MPH
2013-2014Joseph Hyder, MD, PhD
2013-2015Suliat Nurudeen, MD, MPH
2013-2015Hyeyoun “Elise” Min, MD
2013-2015John Rose, Jr., MD, MPH
2013-2015Joel T. Adler, MD, MPH
2013-2015Shilpa Murthy, MD, MPH
2013-2016John W. Scott, MD, MPH
2013-2015Jeffrey Leow, MBBS, MPH
2014-2015Sushila Murthy, MD, MPH
2014-2015Julian Hanske, MD
2014-2016Christian Meyer, MD
2013-2014Marianne Schmid, MD
2014-2016Jesse D. Sammon, DO
2014-2016Olubode (Bode) Olufajo, MD, MPH
2014-2016Peter Najjar, MD
2014-2016Nikhila Raol, MD, MPH
2014-2017Elizabeth Lilley, MD, MPH
2015-2015Thomas Seisen, MD
2015-2016Malte W. Vetterlein, MD
2015-2016Lisa Kodadek, MD
2015-2016Allysha Maragh-Bass (Robinson), PhD, MPH
2015-2016David Metcalfe, MBChB
2015-2016Arturo Rios-Diaz, MD
2015-2016Navin Changoor, MD
2015-2016Marissa Boeck, MD, MPH
2015-2016Elizabeth Kiwanuka, MD, PhD
2015-2016Taiwo Adesoye, MD
2015-2016Bjorn Loppenberg, MD
2015-2017Anju Ranjit, MD, MPH
2015-2017Meesha Sharma, MD, MPH
2015-2017Alexandra Columbus, MD, MPH
2015-2017Rebecca Scully, MD, MPH
2015-2017Charbel C. Khoury, MD
2015-2017Lindsey Wolf, MD, MPH
2016-2018Laura J. Ostapenko, MD
2016-2018Nidhi “Rhea” Udyavar, MD
2016-2018Yasmin A. Zerhouni, MD
2017-2018Molly Jarman, PhD, MPH
2017-2018Alexander P. Cole, MD
2017-2018Mohammad Zain Ghani Hashmi, MBBS
2016-2018Kristin Sonderman, MD, MPH
2017-2018William Barnaby Wynn-Jones, MBBS, MSc, PgCert, MRCP, FRCA
2017-2018Linda M. Pak, MD
2017-2018Sean Fletcher, BS

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2015-2019Juan Pablo Herrera-Escobar, MD, MPH
2015-2019Muhammad Ali Chaudhary, MBBS
2017-2019Justin McCarty, DO, MPH
2017-2019Katherine Lee, MD, MSc
2018-2019Chibuike J. Ezeibe, MD
2018-2019David Friedlander, MD
2018-2019Nizar Bhulani, MBBS, MPH
2017-2020Elzerie de Jager, MBBS(Hons)
2017-2018Sean Fletcher, BS
2019-2019Jane Cowan, MD, MPH
2018-2020Danny Mou, MD
2018-2020Tomas Andriotti, MD, MPH
2018-2020Pamela Lu, MD
2019-2020Eugene Cone, MD
2019-2020David-Dan Nguyen, MPH
2016-2020Manuel Castillo-Angeles, MD, MPH
2019-2020Sandra Keller, PhD
2019-2021Claire Sokas, MD
2019-2021Claudia Orlas Bolanos, MD
2019-2021Michael Dalton, MD, MPH
2019-2021Rachel Atkinson, MD
2019-2021Samia Osman MD, MPP
2020-2021Jasmine Khubchandani, MD
2020-2022Ava (BobieJo) Ferguson, MD, MPH
2020-2022Elizabeth Yates, MD, MPH
2020-2022Francis Hu, MD
2020-2022Jessica Feliz, MD
2020-2022Paige Newell, MD
2020-2022Vanessa Welten, MD
2021-2022Alexandra Bercow, MD
2021-2022Khalid Alkhatib, MD, MMMSc
2021-2022Mara Kölker, MD 
2021-2022Muhammad Abbas, MD
2021-2022Nicola Frego, MD
2020-2023Ben Allar, MD, MPH
2020-2023Katherine He, MD
2021-2023Brittany Powell, MD, MPP
2021-2023Christine Wu, MD, MMSc-MedEd
2021-2023David Cron, MD, MS
2021-2023Max Riley, MD
2021-2023Patrick Heindel, MD, MPH
2021-2023Sarabeth Spitzer, MD, MPP
2022-2023Benjamin Stone, MD
2022-2023Dejan Filipas, MD
2022-2023Edoardo Beatrici, MD
2022-2023Jolene Wong, MD, MSc, MPH
2022-2023Muhieddine Labban, MD
2022-2023Olga Esepkina, MD