Center for Surgery and Public Health

Surgical Health Scientists Aligning Research with Patient Priorities (SHARPP)

Our current healthcare system measures providers based on a set of standardized outcomes that may not reflect what patients truly want from their health care, especially for patients with complex medical needs such as older and seriously ill patients. As a result, patient and provider priorities may not always align, leading to discordant care. 

We believe that the key to delivering high-quality, patient-centered surgical care lies in providing care that reflects patient’s goals and priorities. When patients become central in decision-making processes, it will allow surgeons to provide patient-centered care that is designed based on what matters most to patients and their family members.

The program’s vision is to create an internationally renowned group of clinician-scientists and health services researchers who conduct patient-centered research focused on surgical patients with serious illnesses facing complex surgical procedures in all phases of surgical care. The program aims to accomplish this through unparalleled leadership in the following ways: