COVID-19 Testing Validated for Admitted Patients

COVID-19 Testing Validated for Admitted Patients
March 20, 2020 Center for Surgery and Public Health

Excerpt from Brigham Clinical & Research News

March 19, 2020: At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the COVID-19 testing team has successfully validated its test for admitted patients, offering results within 24 hours. Their next goal is to continue to increase capacity.

A team of Brigham experts in clinical molecular pathology and microbiology have been racing against the clock. Throughout the weekend, they have been refining a technique that will allow them to perform in-house testing for COVID-19 for patients who have been admitted to the hospital but do not yet have a definitive diagnosis. Confirming or ruling out COVID-19 in hours rather than days could help accelerate the right care for patients in need and the right precautions for all.

“A test with a shorter turnaround time is critical in a hospital setting for patients who are severely ill,” said Manfred Brigl, MD, director of the Brigham’s Clinical Microbiology Laboratory.

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