Resources for surgical care providers


The case volume of COVID-19 is rapidly increasing in the United States and globally. Surgeons are being called on to help with critically ill COVID-19 patients. Surgeons additionally must continue to provide surgical care for their patients during the epidemic and to delay care or use telemedicine to triage and care for patients. We provide resources here to address the needs of surgeons at this difficult time.


Clinical Guidelines and Risk Mitigation

Surgeons, including those not typically working in the ICU, may be mobilized for the care of critically ill COVID-19 patients. Here are available resources on patient care for surgeons:

Elective Surgery Guidelines

Telehealth Best Practices

Surgeons are expanding telehealth options during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this expansion is supported by CMS. Here are helpful resources:

Latest Science & Policy

COVID-19 Data Sources

CSPH is partnering with GlobalSurg as part of a global team of surgeons and researchers to understand the the outcomes of COVID-19 infected patients who undergo surgery

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