CSPH Staff

CSPH Staff

Administrative Staff

Melissa Poleo, MS  •  CSPH Administrative Director

Gina Tonogbanua Custer  •  Senior Research Administrator

Jill Swan  •  Administrative Coordinator

Rebecca Doucette, MSW  •  Administrative Assistant

Wendy Williams, JD  •  Communications Specialist

Data and Biostatistics Support

Dan Sturgeon, MS  •  Senior Biostatistician, Manager of Biostatistics

Pablo Tarsicio Uribe Leitz, MD, MPH  •  Senior Project Manager, Data Manager

Ginger Jin, MS  •  Biostatistician

Research and Project Managers

Jeenn Barreiro-Rosado • Research Assistant, PACTS

Kathleen Coogan • Research Assistant, SHARPP

Caroline Demko • Research Assistant, PACTS

Esther Moberg, MPH • Project Manager, Trauma, FORTE

Junaid Nabi, MD • Project Manager, Cancer and Comparative Effectiveness

Gezzer Ortega, MD, MPH • Research Scientist; Project Manager, Surgical Disparities

Stephen Perez • Research Assistant, PPOPP

Amanda Reich, PhD, MPH • Research Scientist; Project Manager, PPOPP

Emma Reidy, MPH • Project Manager, PACTS

Vanessa Roxo • Project Manager, Trauma

Christina Sheu • Research Assistant, SHARPP

Ewelina Stanek • Research Assistant, Trauma

Wendy Williams, JD • Project Manager, Global Surgery